Physical Characteristics
The Yorkshire Terrier Breed Standard
(British Kennel Club)

Long-Coated, coat hanging quite straight and evenly down each side, a parting extending from nose to tail. Very compact and neat, carriage very upright conveying an important air. General outline conveying impression of vigorous and well proportioned body.

HEAD AND SKULL: Rather small and flat, not too prominent or round in skull, not too long in muzzle; black nose.

EYES: Medium, dark, sparkling, with sharp intelligent expression and placed to look directly forward. Not prominent. Edge of eyelids dark.

EARS: Small, V-shaped, carried erect, not too far apart, covered with short hair, colour very deep, rich tan.

MOUTH: Perfect, regular and complete scissor bite. i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws. Teeth well placed with even jaws.

NECK: Good reach

FOREQUARTERS: Well laid shoulders, legs straight, well covered with hair of rich golden tan a few shades lighter at the ends than at roots, not extending higher on forelegs than elbow.

BODY: Compact with moderate spring of rib, good loin. Level Back.

HINDQUARTERS: Legs quite straight when viewed from behind, moderate turn of stifle. Well covered with hair of rich golden tan a few shades lighter at the ends than at roots, not extending higher on hindlegs than stifle.

FEET: Rounds; nails black.

TAIL: Customarily docked to medium length with plenty of hair, darker blue in colour than rest of body, especially at the end of tail. Carried a little higher than level of back .

GAIT/MOVEMENT: Free with drive; straight action front and behind, retaining level topline.

COAT: Hair on body moderately long, perfectly straight (not wavy), glossy; fine silky texture, not woolly. Fall on head long, rich golden tan, deeper in colour at sides of head, about ear roots and on muzzle where it should be very long. Tan on head not to extend on to neck, nor must any sooty or dark hair intermingle with any of the tan.

COLOUR: Dark steel blue (not silver blue), extending from occiput to root of tail, never mingled with fawn, bronze or dark hair. Hair on chest rich, bright tan. All tan hair darker at the roots than in the middle, shading still lighter at the tips.

SIZE: Weight up to 3.1 kgs (7lbs)

FAULTS: Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

Yorkie Personality

( From the Essential Yorkshire Terrier )

BOLD: Their self confidence, coupled with their inquisitiveness and, with their instinct to protect can get this little dog into big trouble.  They definitely believe that they are much bigger than they are.

INTELLIGENT:  They learn to recognize an endless number of words, and can learn to communicate with their owners or handlers with great success.   

ACTIVE:  They are very active, both vocally and physically.  They bounce, scamper, dart, and run with endless energy.  They also have a lot to say.

TENACIOUS:  This will show up most when a yorkie is in his hunting mode.  If a yorkie thinks he is on the trail of something, be it toy or critter, he will stay with it all day if necessary. Give him a treat and he may look for just the right place to hide it for hours.

INDEPENDENT:  Yorkies put everything they have into whatever they do, but they know when they need rest.  This is when your yorkie is likely to disappear to his favorite hiding place for a nap.



The "chocolate yorkie" is an overload of red gold and is a mutation therefore of our breed and should not be bred as it is a complete loss of pigment. Notice that the nose is liver colored and that there are no black eye rims on this puppy.

The understanding that AKC has many colors on their list that will allow almost any color Yorkie to be registered and the parent Club is working to disallow that. I have been approached by people who have registered this color, even though it is incorrect for our breed. There is no reason that they cannot be placed in a loving pet home and live a good life, but they are definitely a mutation to our breed and not in line with the Standard we want to withhold. 

Those that advertise this color as RARE are being dishonest in that they are just trying to enrich themselves with more money, in spite of the lack of pigment in the dogs they produce which could bring a genetic nightmare to the breed.
Don't be taken in by this false advertising.


These puppies are what  yorkies should look like when they are young. The coloring, and resemblance is more like tiny rottweilers than the adorable  long haired dogs they will mature into.   They are quite different from the one above, referred to as a choclate yorkie.  These little fellows should grow up to  become the Yorkshire Terrier that we are all familiar with.  

This diagram illustrates the skeletal parts
of the Yorkshire Terrier, together with the
conformation points.


1.) Skull
2.) cervical vertebra
3.) Thoracic vertebra
4.) Rib
5.) Lumber vertebra
6.) Coccygeal vertebra
7.) Pelvis
8.) Femur
10.) Fibula
11.) Metatarsus
12.) Tarsus
13.) Tibia
14.) Sternum
15.) Phalanges
16.) Radius
17.) Ulna
18.) Humerus
19.) Scapula

A.) Occiput
B.) Forehead
C.) Stop
D.) Muzzle
E.) Shoulder
F.) Elbow
G.) Forearm
H.) Pastern
I.) Hock
J.) Stifle
K.) Thigh
L.) Loin
M.) Tail
N.) Back
O.) Withers


According to the Guinness Book of World Records a Yorkshire terrier holds the distinction of being the smallest dog in history. This matchbox-sized Yorkie, when fully grown at the age of 2, stood 2 � inches at the shoulder, measured 3 3/4 inches from the tip of its nose to the root of its tail, and weighed 4 ounces. Owned by Arthur Marples of Blackburn, Great Britain, this elfin dog died in 1945.


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