More Yorkies 

Here a some more of our yorkies just doing their daily living routine.  As you can see, they sure don't look like show dogs at home.  They are after all, our pets and companions first, then they are show dogs.

Here we have Mia in front, with Misty behind her, and Miss Minnie in the cat bed.  Minnie was one of our first yorkies.

This is Twinkie, in her swing.  She loves to play and lay in it.

This is Cheyenne, with 2 of her daughters, Holly and Twinkie.  Cheyenne is the one in front on the right.


This is another of mother and daughters playing in the bed.

This is Meeko in his summer cut.  He loves being in short hair.  The spot on his side is a mark left by a shot he got when he was a puppy and the hair never grew back in.

This is Roudy again, pouting because he lost his booda bone to one of the others.

This is Cheyenne stretched out on the couch and taking it easy.  Just waiting for someone to sit down with her so she can climb on a lap.

Here is gunner and Harley have a tug of war.  Gunner looks a little out of his league here.  His father is quite a bit bigger than he is.

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