Come and meet some of the Mystic Moon Yorkies.  Not all are show dogs, we have some that are just regular ole couch potatoes.  They all love running in the yard and seeing who will be able to climb on mom's or dad's lap first, or how many can fit on a lap at one time. 



From top to bottom we have Mia, Gunner, Meeko and Harley's head.



Here are the same ones again only now you get to see Harley from the back.


Now you get to actually see Harley, looking at you, Roudy in the middle and Mickey with no face.



 This is Lucee, Roudy and Holly's sister with her owner, Shelia.  Lucee is sort of a service dog for Shelia.  She helps with Shelia's therapy by making her use her arms and hands.



This is Roudy just laying around enjoying life.  After all he earned it, he is our home bred champion.

This is Misty our wonder dog.  She is a liver-shunt survivor and a daddy's girl.


This is Twinkie, she is only 3 1/2 pounds, and we are hoping that she will grow a little more so we can put her into the show ring.  If she does not she has a wonderful home waiting for her where she will be the queen and be spoiled.

Update:  Unfortunately Twinkie never did grow any bigger and now she is being spoiled by Kelly and her husband Dave.  Twinkie rides all over on the back of a Harley with Kelly.

These 2 boys are Roudy and Gunner after a show, waiting to have bows removed and to go back home.

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