Before you decide on getting a yorkie, please research the breed so that you will know what you are getting into.  The yorkie, is no doubt a darling little bundle of puppy fur that will grow into an elegant long haired Yorkshire Terrier.   You will have to devote both time and money to keep up their coats.  They do not have fur, but rather hair, similar to ours.  They can not be left outdoors in the cold as they will freeze to death in cold weather.  They have no undercoat to keep them warm.  Being toy dogs they can be prone to hypoglycemic attacks if there blood sugar levels drop too low.  This usually occurs while they are small puppies, and they tend to out grow it. You will have to know what to do if this happens to your pet. 

There are many things to ask the breeder you will get your puppy from.  You will want to make sure that you get a healthy little one, that will be with you for a long time.  Ask the breeder for a health guarantee against liver shut, luxating patella, and any other inheritable defect that may occur.  You want to do this BEFORE you pick a puppy, because once you select a new friend, you will not be willing to return it if there is a medical problem.  If you get a puppy that has a health problem it can be both expensive and heartbreaking for you, especially if the puppy does not survive.  The best way to avoid this it to check with the breeder you are planning to purchase from before you even see the puppy.  If the breeder is not willing to give a health guarantee, chances are there is a problem with her/his dogs. 

After you check about the health of the yorkie you want, think about how you will supply exercise for him.  Yorkies are very active dogs, they run and jump and chase and dance and bounce and all in just a few seconds.  They need to either be walked, or have a fenced in yard to chase the little critters in.  Remember, they were actually bred to hunt rats in the early years of their history.  They are vocal dogs, and they are devoted loyal dogs.  They can be considered somewhat yappy at times, but there is usually something that sets them off.  Some owners have been known to take them into stores without it ever being known because they are so quiet while inside of their carrying case. If you only want a quiet little lap dog you had better look for some other breed.  Yorkies will lay on your lap, but they will not stay there all the time. 

Yorkies are stubborn, willful and very intelligent.  The best way I can relate to them is to put them in the same class as a 3 year old child.  They love to discover something new, and will play with a certain toy for hours, they will ignore you, they will look at you like you have hurt their feelings.  They will kiss your tears away when you are sad, and make you laugh so hard your sides will ache. They can make a big husky man want to protect them like a child.  They also think that they are 10 feet tall and will go after the largest of dogs if they think their territory is being invaded.  You will have to watch them so they do not do this as even though they seem to have no fear, they usually lose these battles.  If you live in a rural area you have to make sure that they are not left out side unattended, to a bird of prey they are a tasty meal.  They will be taken by birds, fox, wolves or any other animal of prey. It will be up to you to keep them safe.


They will shower you with endless hours of joy and be faithful and loyal. 



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