I know that thing is going to go off soon, I just know it.  I'm just biding my time until I can get it. I think that I hear it starting to go off now....
Yes, Yes, I knew it, I just knew it.  Here it comes down this hose thingy.  Hear it, I have to get it, get out of my way Mickey.  I have to get it before it stops and gets away.
I have you now, and you thought you could get away.  Not this time you don't . I know how to take care of you.  Take that, and that.  How about this.  You thought you could do that in my dad's yard, well you have another thought coming.
A few more shakes and that should take care of it.  I bet you'll think twice before trying to shoot all that wet stuff out in my dad's yard again.  If you do I'll come after you again and next time you won't get off so easy.  I have sharp teeth and I know how to use them if I have to.  And don't try to be sneaky about it because I know the sounds you make when you go off.  I can hear you even inside the house.

Hmmmm....Now that I have taken care of that I can check out the rest of the area.  Don't want any strangers wandering into our yard.  this is only for Brandy, Mickey, and me.  Don't allow any other critters here.
Better check and make sure Brandy is OK.  She is getting old and her legs bother her a lot lately.  She can still bark and scare all the people away from the house if she has to.  She always backs us up too.

Brandy must have spotted the squirrel or the chipmunks.  Those are about the only things that she gets up for anymore.  She doesn't like them coming into our yard any more than I do.  We make a pretty good team most of the time.  I do the running and she makes the noise.
And this is mom's creation.  I like it because the toads and frogs and all kinds of other creatures hang around it.  Of course mom has a fit if we get into it.  She says the treated water is no good for our hair.  Who cares, it is fun anyhow.


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