How to wrap Coats


Here are some pictures of how I wrap my dogs.  I start with my papers folded in half, this is what I find to be the easiest way for me, while some other people will fold their papers in thirds around the hair.  When wrapping you have to do what is the easiest for you, not what some one else tells you is right.  I hope the pictures below will be of some help to those wanting to know how to wrap.


When using deli wraps for wrapping make sure to fold over the serrated edges to prevent the hair from being cut by them, as shown here.  I also will fold my paper in half to make it easier when I start to wrap my dog.

Once the dog is bathed and dry, I spray their coats lightly with a wrapping oil, then take a section of hair and place it in between the paper I am going to use and fold the paper over the hair.

I make sure that all the hair is going to be inside the paper

Then I will fold the paper over again, in half completely enclosing the hair inside the paper.

Once the hair is inside the paper I will fold it in half upward toward the dogs back.

After I fold it in half, I will then fold it again in thirds this time, again towards the dogs back.

When it is completely folded up it will look like the picture above.

I then take a wrapping band and wrap it twice around the paper as seen above.  I use papers inside of plastic when I wrap my show dogs, but most people use only the deli type papers for wrapping show dog coats.


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