Water Yorkie



Minnie just loves playing in the water, especially if the hose is running so she can chase the water. 

She has a tiny mouth but boy can she get a grip on things.  Nothing is safe from her. 

She is relentless in her pursuit of the object that keeps spitting at her.  She is sure there is some way to get it.

She does not know the meaning of defeat.  No matter how much water gets into the pool she will prevail.

Maybe I can try a sneak attack from behind.  It will never know that I am coming from behind.

I told you I could get this thing.  Nothing, but Nothing gets away from Miss Minnie.

I guess I told that a thing or two.  It will think twice before coming into my domain again.

Now where has Mickey gone to?  He was here a minute ago.  Just like a guy, never around when you need them

If she thought that I was going to play that crazy game with her she had another thing coming.  Believe me, that water was cold. 


Well Minnie, are you happy now.  Just look at your self, and you got me soaked too with your swinging that water spout around.  Sometimes I don't know what goes through that little mind of yours.




To get to a page that has a motion clip of Water Yorkie just click on the little wet yorkie.


This is a second page with a motion clip of Water Yorkie,  just click on the little wet yorkie




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