1. Remember Roy Rogers?  What was his horses name?    Trigger
  2. What was the Lone Rangers side kick's name?   Tonto
  3. What were the names of their horses?  Silver and Scout
  4. What was the name of the rabbit in Bambi?   Thumper
  5. Ploop, Ploop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is.  What is it?   Alka Seltzer
  6. Who rode a horse named Champion?  Gene Autry
  7. It's Howdy  Doody  time.  What time is it?
  8. Let Hertz  put you in the drivers seat.
  9. What show was Clara Bell on? Howdy Doody
  10. Who was Rocky the squirrel's sidekick? Bulwinkle J Moose
  11. What was the name of Annie Oakley's horse?  Target
  12. You'll wonder where the yellow went, when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.  What toothpaste?
  13. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.  What is it?  M&M's
  14. See the USA, in your Chevrolet?  What?
  15. Kukla, Fran and Ollie.  Who?
  16. What was good til the last drop?  Maxwell House Coffee
  17. Remember Mrs Francis?  What was the name of the program she was on?  Ding Dong School
  18. What actor was referred to as "The Duke"?  John Wayne
  19. What 2 animal movies did Elizabeth Taylor star in as a young girl?  Lassie Come Home, and National Velvet.
  20. Before he was Gilligan, he was someone else, who?  Maynard J Krebbs, on the Dobie Gillis show.
  21. Charlie say's, love my Good  & Plenty  , Charlie say's, really rings the bell.  What is Charlie talking about?
  22. The adventures of Ozzie & Harriet had 2 sons.  Who were they?  Ricky and David Nelson
  23. On Bonanza what was the family name and the name of their ranch?  Cartrights owned the Ponderosa
  24. What was each man's first show name?  Dad was Ben, the boys were Hoss, Adam & Little Joe
  25. Madge said "your soaking in it".  What was it?  Palmolive dish soap


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