Snow Babies

Dad made this path for me so that I could get out here to the tree. It's hard to get through all this stuff, and it's cold too. But there is all kinds of stuff that hides under it, and it's fun to try and find it, but it sure makes my face cold, and my feet.
I just love to uncover all the smells that come through this white stuff. I'm hot on the trail of some critter that went through here. I'll find him at the end of the trail, I'm sure.
Now where did he go to. I'm sure that he was here just a minute ago. He couldn't have gone very far in this, he must be hiding.
I think I hear something over there. That must be where the little bugger went to. I know that there is something running around under all this stuff.
Ha, here's something, I just need to get down to it. I hear it, and I know that I can smell something here, just can't quite put my nose to it. It's here, I know it is.
Aw, heck. It got away and all I got was cold and wet. Mickey sure wasn't any help. He just followed the big dog around. He has no inkling for an adventure.
Yea, but I'm not freezing either. I'm smarter than Minnie is, I let the big dog break a path in this stuff, then I follow so I don't get all that stuff on my belly. That's cold against my bare belly.

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