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"And you? We can close the puppy mills, you know, we really can. The AKC won't do it, and the USDA won't do it. We will. Remember, we're everyone, and we're everywhere, and before long, none of us will buy so much as a single morsel of premium kibble from a pet shop that sells dogs. Peace will come. Let it begin with us."

From Susan Conant's book "Bloodlines"


When you are in a pet shop and see that adorable little puppy, the urge to hold, then purchase the little baby is overwhelming.  This is what the pet shops count on.  Before you do please remember this chain of events that is set into motion with every little puppy that is purchased from the pet shop.

For every puppy that is purchased, another one is ordered to replace it.  When one is ordered approximately 6 puppies are removed from their mother's, probably before they are even 6 weeks old.  They are then put into crates that are packed into trucks to be shipped to the various locations throughout the US.  Of that 6 (six), 3 (three) will die before they arrive at the locations from hypothermia, or because they were not weaned and did not know how to eat.  Of the remaining 3 (three), 2 (two) will be sick when they arrive and will be sent to the back room to starve and dehydrate until they too die.  The remaining pup will be put into the cage in the window until someone comes along and falls in love with the cute little baby and purchases it.  After they take the pup home, if they are real lucky, it will be healthy and live a long and happy life with the family. Most likely, after they become attached to the little animal it will show signs of failing health, or some genetic defect and the new family will run up Vet bills trying to make their new baby well again.  Maybe, just maybe, they can treat whatever ails the little fellow, but the odds are that they may never find out what is wrong and before the dog is a year old it is suffering so badly that the heartbroken family does the only thing that is fair to the animal. They make the decision the ease the suffering of their beloved pet and have him put down...................... 


 This dog didn't make it to produce another litter. Its lifeless body remains in among the other dogs, slowly rotting away.  This is a sight seen too often by the people who do make it inside to rescue these animals.  They are the ones who have to see the actual horror that these animals are put through.


Now that you have a little idea of what happens when someone buys from the pet shop, let me tell you a little about the puppymill that the pup came from.  There are thousands of these puppymills.  They are owned by people whose only motivation in this field is to make money.  The fact that it is a living, breathing creature of god means absolutely nothing to them.  To them it is a crop, no different from corn or wheat.  These dogs are kept in cages all their short lives.  The picture on the right will give you just a little inkling of  how they live their entire life.  They are never taken out to run, and most have never felt the ground under their paws.  The cages are stacked one atop another, several cages high.  The dogs on the lower levels get the feces and urine dropped down on them from the dogs stacked over them.  They get matted, smell and their food and water, if there is any in the cage is contaminated.  They do not get medical care, so their teeth usually fall out because their diet is just barely enough to keep them alive, forget healthy.  Many have open sores because they are not treated for bites or cuts.  Females die giving birth because there is no one to help when it is needed. If any of the pups die they lay in the cage with the others until someone passing happens to notice it.  The pups are removed from the mother before they are even weaned, and the female is then bred again the next time she comes in season.  If she can no longer produce, or she does not have big enough litters, she is discarded.  She may be only two or three years old, but because she can't bring in the money that the millers want she is useless.  


Look at these pictures and visit some of the links here to see and learn more about the atrocities of puppymills.  Also please visit some of the sites that will tell you what you can do to help in the fight against puppymills.  No animal should have to live in these conditions, especially ones that are meant to be companions to humans, not crops for them. 

The pictures you see here are ones taken at the better mills, the ones that are really horrible you can not even get into unless you are known as a so called " breeder", let alone bring in a camera.  Click on the Picture below to read firsthand about what is considered a Puppymill.


Please help us in the fight against Puppymills by educating as many people as  you can about the connection between pet shops and puppymills.  It is hard to believe that so many people are unaware of where that cute little bundle of fur really comes from, and at what cost.  If we can educate the people who buy the puppies, and the demand for the product is no longer present, sites like these will become less and less until they are memories in the past.  That would be a wonderful future for the animals that are suffering there now.  Haven't enough paid the price already.



Scandal of America's Puppy Mills



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