Because all of our relatives and friends are always looking for help finding information of one kind or another, we thought we would help out by putting what we have found surfing the web, or what mom picks up from reading about our ancestors on these pages so that other people owned by Yorkies, or Toy Dogs, or just any type of fur baby, might find something helpful here.  We will keep adding as we find interesting items that might be helpful to pet owners.

With more and more people having pets, there are more and more pets accompanying their families on the vacations they take.  There are almost as many pets that take family vacations as there are children. With more pets being part of the family on vacation, there are now more places that cater to the pet owners.  This page lists some of the PET FRIENDLY sites that can be of help to you when you are planning a vacation. 

Also remember that when your pet is going with you in the car for a outing of any sort to bring a container of water and something for him/her to drink out of.  Never leave your pet in a closed car in the heat, not even just for a few minutes, remember that because they wear a fur coat all year long they can overheat very quickly and die from heat exhaustion.   


Hotels/Motels that accept pets?  Try one of these sites.

Pets Welcome     Search by State for places that will allow pets.

Let's Go Pets     Places that welcome pets and other traveling information

Pet Friendly Hotels  Listings of Pet friendly Hotels

Travel Dog    Loaded with information on traveling with pets

CARE Dog Travel  Help to plan a vacation with your dog

 Dog friendly     U.S. Dog Friendly Listings

Take Your Pet   Travel Guides, Bulletin Boards, Travel Resources, and Lodging Directory

More Pet Friendly Hotels   You can also book your reservations at some of these on line



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