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This is where we live. The pictures below were taken in the fall of 2002.  Dad and Mark had just built the decks during the summer of the year we moved in. 
This is the back deck off of mom's bedroom.  There is a hot tub on it that mom likes to lay in.  Our house is on 5 acres so there is lots of space around us. 
This is our back yard, there is plenty of room to chase the ground squirrels, and other critters that invade our property, but mom won't let us go alone because of the big, big, birds that fly around.  They are hawks and they might snatch us if we are out there alone, also there are coyote's that are around too.
This is the view off of our front porch.  That is our driveway going down to the street.  The curved drive way is our neighbors.  We have lots of room in our front yard too.
This is the deck off of the kitchen.  There is a fenced in yard on the other side of it where we get to play most of the time.
This is the view out of mom's bedroom.  We get to go out on the decks all the time.  We can watch the ground squirrels running around from up there.
Here's dad going down for the mail.  Sometimes one of us will get to go with him when he goes, but it is a pretty long walk just to get some ole envelopes, that he won't even let us chew on.

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