So you're getting a Yorkie


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Before you bring your new family addition home here are some things you might want to take care of before hand.  You will have to puppy proof your home for the new puppy, just as you would have to baby proof for a new baby.  They both start  experimenting with everything in their surroundings as soon as they can.  It is YOUR responsibility to make sure they are kept out of harms way.  Your new best friend will depend on you to keep him/her safe and to grow up into a family member that that everyone will enjoy. 

Yorkies are high maintenance dogs, if you want a yorkie make sure that you will have the time to do the daily grooming.  You say your going to take your dog in and have him groomed.  That is fine, but what about the time between groomings.  With long hair, yorkies have to be brushed every day, just as you have to brush your hair daily.  If you don't do this your dog will get matted and the groomer will have to shave him down.  For information on grooming your yorkie just click here. Grooming Tips This page will give you information on brushing and removing mats from your pets hair. 



Before you bring your new yorkie home there are some things that you should have.  Below is a list of the basic's, but if your anything like me it won't take long  before they seem to have more than you.


Puppy Proofing the Home

Threats to be aware of

Planning Ahead

If you want to know about the Yorkies personality please visit the Yorkie Breed  Characteristic page.


If you are interested in learning about yorkies through reading, below are the books that I have read and found to be quite helpful in raising and learning about my four yorkies.  I still refer back to them when I want to know something.




Yorkshire Terriers  A complete pet owners manual

Armin Kriechbaumer


The Essential Yorkshire Terrier

Ian Dunbar


A Dog owner's guide to Yorkshire Terriers

Jackie Ransom


The Irrepressible Toy Dog

Darlene Arden


Yorkies Head to Tail

Sandra Lemire


The New Complete Yorkshire Terrier

Joan B Gordon


Most of these books can be purchased at  
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