The K-9 world is vast indeed,
There are short, and long haired in almost every breed.
There are big, and small, in any shade or hue,
And surely there is one, just waiting for you.
But the one that is the object of my desire,
Is the little terrier, known as the Yorkshire.
He's perky, and smart, and cute as can be,
I'm quite sure that he was made just for me.
When I look at him , he seems quite small,
Yet in his mind, he's ten feet tall.
He's cocky sure he's the biggest dog around,
Even though he's only four inches from the ground.
He has a willful mind, and a stubborn streak,
But his antic's will bring tears of joy to your cheek.
With eyes that sparkle, and a mind so sharp,
He wiggled his way straight into my heart.
They're curious, inquisitive and loyal as can be,
Yes, the little Yorkie is the dog for me.


by T Nelson