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This is Misty at the very first yorkiefest


March 31, 2003

Hi, I'm Misty and a lot has happened to me lately.  I was doing shows with my mom and dad, and I got a lot of 1st place ribbons in the year I was in the show ring.  Everything seemed to be going along great then during the winter, I got a bladder infection. I was put on antibiotics, but when they didn't work to clear it up, my Dr. did an ultrasound to see if there was something else wrong.   It showed that I had developed a bladder stone, so my Dr. did surgery to remove it, and had it sent away to Minnesota to have a special man that knows all about stones  check it out.  When he sent the results back to Dr. Glenn, it showed that I had some sort of liver problem.  Dr. Glenn then did a bile acid test, and the results were horrifying.  The readings that should have been no more than 25 were up over 300.  He couldn't figure out how I could be walking around so normal, and not be bumping into things or having seizures.  The Dr. suspected that it was Liver-Shunt, and had mom and dad take me down to the veterinary school, Purdue.  Mom and dad just couldn't believe it because I never showed any symptoms, and I was already 18 months old.   I was not a small dog, I weighed in at 6 1/2 pounds, I never got sick, and I always ate my food.  There were no seizures, or bouts of vomiting.  So, off we went to Purdue where  they did some more tests and confirmed that it was indeed, liver-shunt.  I ended up one of the lucky ones because the shunt I had was only a single one, and it was outside my liver, so it could be fixed.  There are some that are inside the liver, and are many, many, little shunts that are too hard to fix.  Those are the ones that you can only feed special food for, and usually shorten our life a lot.  I had the surgery, and had to spend several days away from my family  while they made sure I was going to be OK.  The Doctors there were real nice, but I still missed my home, and I was hurting a lot.  They cut my belly from the breast bone all the way back to my vulva.  Mom asked them to spay me when they did the surgery because Liver-Shunt is a genetic disease and can be passed on to any puppies I would have had. When I did come home I had to eat special food for a couple of months until I was healed inside.   This also put an end to my show career, which was really going good.  Mom said now I will be a cheerleader for my pack brother, Meeko, and my new pack sister, Cheyenne. 

I had even made it onto a yorkie calendar.  This is my calendar picture.  Mom, Dad and Grammy were very sad that my career had to end but they still love me very much.

Even Champions can have health problems. If you want to read up on Liver shunt click here .

See my Pedigree here  , you can see that a good pedigree, does not mean that a puppy will be healthy.




This is one of the reasons you should always check where you are getting your puppy from.  I came from a dear friend of mom's , but she was unaware of the problem because she thought she got my mom, and some other yorkies from a good breeder, but she got fooled.  If the breeder does nothing after they know about producing a livershut pup, then they are a bad breeder, BUT if they try to correct the problem in their dogs, that is good.  There are many breeders out there that know they produce Livershunt pups and still continue to breed them.  These people cause so much heartache for the people whow buy the pups, and then lose them to this terrible disease. Don't you get fooled, make sure you ask a lot of questions, and ask about health guarantee's and bile acid tests.  If they have not been done, make sure you have your puppy checked for it as soon as you can.  The surgery to correct this condition is very expensive, and a lot of people just can't afford to save their baby.


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