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Hello there, as you guessed, I am Minnie.  This is my corner of Yorkieviews.  I keep the yard around our house free from invading critters.  I have been keeping the squirrels out of the yard and away from the bird feeders this year.  Boy, they sure are pesky creatures.  They want to come and eat all the seed that mom puts out for all the birds.  There is even a cute little humming bird that comes to eat in our yard.  He is sooo tiny and cute, but boy can he ever dart around fast.  

It is my job to make sure that all the cats that live with us get plenty of exercise during the day.  With 4 of them here it helps me to keep my girlish figure too.  Sometimes I have to call on Mickey to help.  If the two brothers, K-C and Dyno get together they try to see which one is going to be the king of the cats for the day, then I need a little help.  With 30 pounds of cat and 5 pounds of dog, the chore is a little awkward for me alone.  That is when I have to call Mickey for some help.  I know that he would rather just chase the orange cat, but he will help if I ask.

Boy, chasing them cats and trying to keep an eye on the yard sure makes a girl thirsty.  That big ole watering hole that mom has in the feed room sure was good.  The only problem with it is that my beard always hangs in it.  I haven't figured out a way to get the water without ending up washing my beard at the same time.  I guess it really isn't too bad since it helps to rinse any food out that gets into the hair while I am eating.  Mom keeps threatening to cut our face hair short but dad always saves us us from that indignity.  I mean no self respecting yorkie wants to be seen with short beards.  Whoever heard of a beardless yorkie?

Notice who is laying down next to me taking a nap.  Mickey!  I swear that boy spends most of his time resting, and I don't know what for.  He doesn't do hardly anything around here, especially nothing that would tire him out.  All he does all day is hide his booda chips and look for something to eat.  Now don't try to tell me that doing things like that will tire you out.  Come on, give me a break will ya?  He'll have to come up with something better than that. 

Whoops, I think I hear mom, or is it dad?  Oh well never mind which one it is, either way we will get lots of hugs and kisses now.  Of course mom will be trying to brush us again too.  Every day she brings out that darned ole brush and comb.  She never lets a day go by without brushing us.  I sure hope that none of the other dogs that live in our neighborhood see her doing this every day.  How would we explain something like that to them.  I mean, being brushed EVERY DAY.  Dogs were not meant to be combed and brushed every day, our ancestors surely didn't get treated like this.  They hunted in the fields and the mines, and those guys didn't worry about brushes and combs.  Phooey!!!  
Hmmmm, maybe I can get Brandy to join me outside.  Mom lets us stay out longer if Brandy is out there with us.  I guess she thinks that the old lady will be able to protect us.  She tries, but it is really hard for her to move lately.  She takes medicine for it but she is still slow and limps.  We just have to move out of her way real fast so that she doesn't step on us.  She doesn't see real well anymore either, but if we bark she knows where we are and makes sure she goes around us.  She even tries to play with us once in a while when we are out in the yard and the weather is nice.  She is a sweet big girl.
Well, here we are again with another bow in our hair.  I don't know why mom insists on putting these things in my hair.  I hate it, all it does is gets caught and tangles my hair.  When I try to get it out I get my paw caught in it too.  One of these days I will find where she hides them and get them and chew them to pieces so that she won't have any left to put in my hair after baths.  Oh, that is another thing, baths, every week.  She has nothing better to do than give Mickey and me baths every week-end.  We don't even get out very much, I don't know when she thinks that we get dirty.  It is so humiliating to have to be bathed so often.   

Well, it's almost time to go to bed.  I have to make sure I get in there and claim my spot before those pesty cats show up.  Mickey doesn't like them to get to close to mom on the bed at night either.  I don't know why they don't just stay on the floor where cats belong.  They shoud know by now that Yorkies rule in this house.   Well Good-night everyone, you all come back and visit with me again sometime. 

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