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Huh! What's that you say?  You would like to visit here. Oh that would be grand, I'm up, come on in.  This is my favorite place.  Especially when mom is here too, on the computer.  I have this nice soft warm pad to lay on, and I can give her some help when she needs it.




I give her tips on what to say when she is making a new page for our home.  She will just ask, Mickey, what should we say about this page today?  I always know exactly what should be told.   I help her wit all the pages, not just mine, but Minnie's and all the rest of the family too.  You know, K-C, Dyno, Bratt and that fat crazy black cat K-2.  OH, and Brandy too.



I even helped when she worked on the page of all the memories she had of her past friends.  I didn't know them, but mom say's they were all great friends and that we would have liked them too.  I'm sure that she is right, especially if they were like our brothers, and sister that live here with us now.



As you can tell, I really do rule this area here.  Sometimes I let Minnie get up here with me and she will give mom some tips for a page or two.  This is a really good place to be when the cats are roaming around the house because I can see them before they know that I'm here, and as soon as they get close enough I spring into action.  Boom!!!!! there goes another cat down the stairs. 



Hmmmmm......... I see him up there, if he thinks that he will get away that easy he sure has another thing coming.  Just wait until he comes back into my area again, I will be waiting for him, then he will get a lot more exercise again.  It's amazing how fast these guys can run on the wood floors without slipping.  Oh well, I guess when you spend most of the day running you get pretty good at it.



I'll just lay up here where I can keep an eye on the doorway and watch to see if they are going to try to sneak back in here.  I can see all the way down the hallway from here, so I will be ready the moment they come over the last stair.  The view from here is really great for watching.



Uh, since they seem to have learned a lesson for now I will just lay my head down and take a couple of winks while I'm waiting for them.  I can peek every once in a while to see if......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



Sadly, Mickey left the pack in October 2008 from Cancer.

He may be gone, but never forgotten.

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