Report Date: 03/18/2003

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Sugar Shacks Lord Of The-Dance



Reg Name:

                              Sugar Shacks Lord Of The-Dance

Reg #: TR010217/03 Breed/Variety: Yorkshire Terrier
Birth Date: 02/01/2002 Sex: Male
Colors/Markings: Blue & Gold
Breeder(s): Sharon Foust


Sugar Shacks Lord Of The-Dance
Blue & Gold
CH Baron's Dancin Devil'in Blue
TN436252/01 04-01
Blue & Gold
Little Ring Baron Of Exmoor
TD332622 12-96
Kesar's Farrkee Ring Baron
TC504301 10-88
Blue & Tan
CH Kesar's Hezza Gem Too
TC281027 12-85
Blue & Gold
CH Kesar's Hezza Gem
TC011487 11-83  Blue & Gold
Halvorson's Raggedy Anne
TC138352 08-84  BLUE & TAN
Kesar's Hellzapoppin
TB994639 04-84
Blue & Gold
CH Sun Sprite Gemstone
TB738544 11-81  Blue & Gold
Cedarshire's Fantasy
TB726037 05-82  Blue & Gold
Exmoor's Rags To Riches
TC802775 10-88
CH Jofre's Regal Eagle Of Exmoor
TB888676 01-83
Blue & Tan
CH Oaksaber King Jubilee Eagle
TB641082 01-81  Blue & Gold
CH Jofre's Cascading Confetti
TB426357 03-80  BLUE & TAN
Dorsco's Pavi Elle Of Exmoor
TC291905 08-86
CH Jofre's Regal Eagle Of Exmoor
TB888676 01-83  Blue & Tan
CH Jofre's Love Quencher
TB638723 02-83  BLUE & TAN
Starlite Love's That Mitzy
TN060614/03 08-95
Tangletop Makin A Splash
TD376529 06-92
Blue & Gold
CH Tangletop Double Dribble
TC027715 12-83
Blue & Gold
Wildweir Sketter
TB473249 01-81  BLUE & TAN
Cupoluv's Fairly Windy
TB994391 10-82  Blue & Gold
Tangletop Coniah Snazzy
TC569003 11-88
CH Chelsea Nimar For Keeps
TB819445 12-82  Blue & Gold
Cupoluv's Fairly Windy
TB994391 10-82  Blue & Gold
Benmar's Kissiefir
TD180941 01-91
Blue & Gold
Tangletop Safe Kracker
TC210621 09-84
Blue & Gold
CH Chelsea Nimar For Keeps
TB819445 12-82  Blue & Gold
Chelsea Nimar Gone Witth Wind
TB919851 05-84  BLUE & GOLD
Hottingers Peaches And Cream
TC596732 12-87
Blue & Gold
Golden Toto Of Newfield
TB925186 07-84  Blue & Tan
Toto's Valley Girl-Muffin
TC170053 07-84  Blue & Tan
Sugar Shack's Whitley Belle
TN849472/03 05-00
Blue & Gold
CH Stardust Sugar Shack's Jjaks
TN535878/01 12-98
Blue & Gold
CH Rothby's Reputation
TN106068/01 03-96
Blue & Tan
AKC DNA #P61700
CH Rothby's Renee'gade
TC343013 05-86
Blue & Gold
CH Jentres Charger Of Mistangay
TB456535 07-79  Blue & Gold
CH Rothby's Reflection
TB767262 02-83  Blue & Gold
Rothby's Redhead
TM899467/02 08-94
Blue & Tan
CH Aero's Just A Wee Tad
TC723901 01-93 (Canada)  Blue & Tan
CH Rothby's Ramekin
TC855707 02-91  Blue & Gold
Stardust Nugget Of Love
TM838364/01 03-94
Blue & Gold
CH Tlc's Temptation N'Influence
TC050158 04-84
Blue & Gold
CH Cede Higgens
TB097774 11-76  Blue & Gold
Tlc's Fancy That Of Country Air
TB858062 07-82  Blue & Gold
Russon Stardust Sass-A-Frass
TD014428 11-90
Blue & Gold
CH Russon's Newyear's Dream
TC256141 08-85  Blue & Gold
Stardust Russon Success
TC849631 03-89  Blue & Gold
Sugar Shack's Irish Cream
TN447459/04 12-98
Burgundy Wee Justa Poppycock
TN215341/01 12-96
Blue & Gold
Burgundy Wee Justa Cinch
TM609187/01 12-94
Blue & Gold
AKC DNA #V98820
Burgundy Wee Chip Of Lorilea
TC203666 05-85  Blue & Gold
Andrea-Doncaster Justa Dream
TC961975 02-91  Blue & Gold
Burgundy Wee Brite Poppy
TN005926/05 06-95
Blue & Gold
Durrer's Must Be Good
TM999501/01 12-93   Blue & Gold
Burgundy Wee Brite N Bonnie
TM769152/03 03-93  Blue & Gold
Spellbinder's Golden Ivy
TN219528/05 05-96
CH Glenmar The Prince Of Tides
TM784796/02 06-93
CH Glenmar's Lord Of The Rings
TD147589 07-90  Blue & Gold
Glenmar's Winter Jubilee
TD211861 06-92  Blue & Tan
Spellbinders Dream Come True
TM729948/01 03-93
Blue & Gold
CH Glenmar's Justin Illusion
TC587056 03-88  Blue & Gold
Stardust Velveteen Lace
TD310962 05-91  Blue & Gold

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