How and Where we Live

Now a little bit about where we live and our lifestyle.  We are in Northwest Indiana, right at the southern tip of Lake Michigan.  Sometimes in the winter we get the "lake effect snow", which means that when the wind blows across Lake Michigan the snow falls more.  The trees here covered in snow were in the front yard of our old house.  The rest of Chicago and Indiana may get only a couple of inches of snow, but if the wind is blowing right we get plenty more around here.  But, the good part of the Lake is that in the summer when it is 100 degrees and the wind is blowing across the lake, we have our own air conditioning.  Temperatures here can be 15 or 20 degrees less than the rest of the area.  We were born in this part of Indiana so we are used to these differences and quick changes, when the breezes change direction.  We came to live with mom and dad (that is our old house on the right) when we were quite young.  Good thing our new family was experienced in dogs, and cats.  Our birth mother was moving to another state so we left her earlier than we should have, but mom knew a lot about dogs so we grew into big, healthy dogs you see here.  I, Minnie, weigh a whole 5 1/2 pounds, while Mickey grew to be a big boy of 8+ pounds.  We are litter mates so we have always been together, and help each other.  Along with us, there are some pictures of where we  live.  We are now in Valparaiso, not too far from where we were before.  That is dad walking down to get the mail.  We live on 5 acres now, and have lots of room to play and run.

 Dad has a motorhome that we go places in during the summer.  On week-ends we go to a to dog shows so that dad, and mom can show Meeko and Cheyenne.   We like to sit on the dashboard and make sure that nobody comes too close to our house when we are in the campgrounds.  We make sure that mom and dad know if someone is walking around the camper.   Dyno, Bratt and K-2, all go with too.  The cats all like to walk around the  on their leashes, just like we do.  Only we behave much better.  Here are some pictures of the rest of the gang.


Our pack has grown to 9 yorkies at the present, April 2005, we have added Mia, and Chey had some puppies that we kept to show.  You can see the rest of the pack below.  Cheyenne,  Meeko,  Misty,  Roudy, and Holly.  We don't have a picture of the newest member yet, but as soon as we do she will be added also.




Well,  now you have met all of our brothers, and heard a little about our lifestyle. 



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