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"The ethic of Reverence for Life prompts us to keep each other alert to what troubles us and to speak and act dauntlessly together in discharging the responsibility that we feel. It keeps us watching together for opportunities to bring some sort of help to animals in recompense for the great misery that men inflict upon them, and thus for a moment we escape from the incomprehensible horror of existence." 


~Albert Schweitzer~ 







These are the animals that share our home and our life.  They bring joy and laughter into our empty nest, and make it us feel like we are needed, if only to keep them company.  We know that they could survive very well without us, but they make our life whole again.  They give comfort when we are sad about something, they give unconditional love without question, and only look for a pat or a kind word in return.  I only hope that we are worthy of the trust they have in us.



This guy is K-2, better know as 2 fat.  He is just a little bit overweight.  Like about 5 pounds.  He should only weigh about 9 pounds at most and he goes 15 pounds.  He is a mixed long haired cat and he does not know that he is a cat.  He thinks he is a dog.  He fetches a ball and brings it back and will drop it in your lap so that you will throw it again, and loves to snuggle with you and be petted all the time.  He came to live in our house back in 1994, right after mom got K-C and Dyno from the animal shelter.  K-2 was saved by moms daughter, Billie, from being run over in the street as a little kitten.  Mom and dad figured that someone just wanted to get rid of the kitten.


This fellow is a Russian Blue mix.  His name is Dyno and he is my trouble cat.  I have put locks on my cupboards and kitchen drawers because of him.  He is very loveable, and purrs non-stop, but he is into everything.  He weighs about 15 pounds and is very friendly with anyone that comes into the house.  As you can see, the cats are bigger than the yorkies. He and his brother were adopted from the animal shelter in the fall of 1994.  Mom was only going to get  one kitten, but just couldn't leave the last one, so took his brother also.


This fellow, I'm sure you can tell by looking at him, is the twin to Dyno.  This is K-C, and he is the one who keeps order in the ranks.  If a cat cries, or a yorkie yelps, K-C is there to help.  He has even jumped on the back of the Black Lab when he thought she was hurting one of the yorkies.  He is as loveable as the other Russian Blue, but he also will  put any of the others in their place.  When the yorkies arrived and  were just tiny little puppies he mothered them like a mother dog.



And this fellow here is the elderly feline of the group.  brat came to live with mom and dad back in 1990.  He just kind of strolled into their life.  He showed up in their garage and dad brought him into the house and he never left.  He was the first feline to live with mom and dad, up until then it had always been canines.  He is also the smallest of the cats and weights only 9 pounds.  He is still bigger than us yorkies, but small compared to the other cats in the household.  He used to be a very shy guy, but became much more sociable after the other cats came here.



Now here we have a traffic jam at the door.  Brandy is the old lady of the group, and does not give up her spot very easy.  The others have all learned to walk around her, or in an emergency they will jump over her.  K-2 will insist on pushing his luck with the yorkies, until they take off after him.  I do believe that he likes being chased by them, even though he makes a lot of noise like he doesn't.  



This little imp is Minnie.  She is also trouble from the word go.  Poor Mickey gets dragged along into all of her escapades, because he feels that he has to help her whenever she hollars.  Mickey goes about 8 pounds while Minnie is only 5, but she more than makes up for the weight in her mischief.  She is always busy hunting something in the yard, or making her rounds through the house on kitty patrol.  If a cat is somewhere that he shouldn't be Minnie will let us know, or else she will chase him out of the area.  There have been many times that as we go to take a step up the stairs a cat will be running by with a yorkie right on his tail.



This handsome little guy is Mickey.  He is my velcro boy.  He won't go anywhere until he is sure that mom is going too.  Even when going for a ride in the car, which he loves, he will not go until mom is headed out too.  He wants to be near you, but is very stingy with giving kisses.  He always gives in to his sister when she wants his toy or a chewy, and if she barks he is right there to help her.



These are the Canines and Felines that share living quarters here in dad and mom's house.  It is the house that we live in, but even more it is a home of friendship and love between all of its animal occupants.  




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