If you couldn't find what you were looking for on the other heath page try some of the sites listed on this page.  Some are for Cyber Vets who may be able to answer any questions you have and other's are resource pages where you can look up different medical term's or medicines.  Some will even list things that are harmful or poisonous to your pet.  All are meant to help you, but none are meant to take the place of your own Vet.  Please contact your vet if your pet is ill.


Pet Education   A site about Dr's foster and Smith Pet Education for all pets

Pet Proofing your home and yard  A site to help you make your home safe for your  pet

Internet Vets   A site that you can join and get information from or ask questions of a Vet

VetInfo  Information on Dogs, Cats, Birds and other pets

411 Pets   A site that has almost any information you would want for your pet

Toxins that Affect Dogs    Poisons and Toxins that can harm your pet

Smoking and Vaping around pets    Safety Tips for Smokers and Vapers who Care about Their Pets

Veterinary Schools & Programs    Information if you are interested in a working with, and learning about pets

Careers with animnals   If you are interested in a career with animals, this is a site to search

ASPCA Poison Control Center at (888) 4ANI-HELP or (888) 426-4435

 Home remedies for dogs upset stomach  Several things to try for your pup's upset stomach

 Tips to help your dog adjust new home  Many good suggestions for helping your new dogs accustom his self



Emergency Dog Links  Different emergency links you may find helpful

Guide to Pet-Safe House Plants  Information about plants around pets

Poisonous Plants    That affect Dogs (Cornell University)

Canine Medical Information  Encyclopedia of Canine Medical Information  

Cushings Diease Information  Forum, symptoms and more on cushings disease

The Canine Medicine Chest   Natural solutions to dogs health

The Columbia Animal Hospital Library   A Resource page where you can look up information

Pet Safety in Cars  A site to give information on keeping your pet safe while riding in the car

How to administer Canine CPR   CPR to save your dog/cat

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