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Yorkies are very High maintenance dogs.  These are some of the things that I do and the products that I use on my Yorkies.  My babies tend to have more of a cottony coat and I have found these products and techniques to work best on their type of coat.  I have also listed some of the tricks, for different problems I have run into, that I found to be helpful.


Before bathing, brush and make sure that all mats and tangles are out.  If you brush daily this will not take very long.  This holds true even if you take your dog to a professional groomer.  Mats will only be harder to remove after a bath.  REMEMBER, be as gentle as you can so that bath time does not turn into a bad experience for your pet.  If they don't brush out, try putting a little bit of corn starch or baby powder on the matt and work it into the matt, then try to separate using your fingers to gently pull  it apart, or use a matt splitter, which can be purchased from most pet supply stores. I have an assortment of brushes and combs.  I use pin brushes, slicker brushes, bristle brushes, detangling combs, and regular combs.  All are used at different times. I also use a detangling spray such as Johnston's No More Tangles or one that is made by a pet supplier.


Next it is time to trim.

The ears should be trimmed along the edges and the top third should be shaved into a V shape (see insert)   on the outside of the ear and also on the inner side of the ear.  If there is a lot of hair growing inside the ear it should be plucked out.  I use a medicated ear-powder, and then pluck using a regular tweezers.  If this is started while they are puppies, they will stand quietly while you do it.   Next I put soft sponge earplugs, or cotton into their ears to prevent any water from getting into the ear and causing ear problems.   

The anal area should be trimmed so that there is not a problem with feces sticking in the hair when the dog has bowel movements.  I use a scissors and trim about an inch around the anus. 

The hair on the bottom of their feet should also be trimmed.  I use a small trimming razor to do this.  You should trim the hair between the pads of their paws to prevent it from having things stick in it that can cause problems when they walk. 





Skunk Encounter-- (This can be used on cats also)

               1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide (from any drug store)
        1/4 cup baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
                       1 teaspoon liquid soap (such as Ivory or dish soap)

Bathe the pet and work the solution into the coat and down to the skin.  Follow with a tap water rinse.  In long-haired dogs, most of the challenge is getting the solution down to the skin.  Discard any unused formula because the release of oxygen caused by the chemical reaction could make the container explode.

(from Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook)


Tar & Paint -- 

When feasible, trim away any hair containing tar, oil or paint.  To remove residual substances, saturate the effected parts in vegetable oil.  Leave alone for 24 hours, then wash the coat with soap and water or give the dog a complete bath.  DO NOT use petroleum solvents such as gasoline, kerosene or turpentine to remove any substance from a dog's coat.  These products are extremely harmful to the skin and are highly toxic if absorbed.

(from Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook)

Check here for a few other tips you can try for different problems.   





I use a soft rubber mat in the bottom the the sink that I am bathing my babies in, along with a device for securing them so that they can not try to jump out and end up breaking a leg or worse.  I use  Minksheen Pet Shampoo, Espree and Coathandler products on my pets because they seem to work the best on their hair type.  I use the Coat Handler Groomers 15-1 shampoo, which is tearless and gentle on  their heads, and Mink Sheen on the rest of them most of the time.  Minksheen, has cedar oil, and citronella oil, which helps in the control of fleas and bugs during the warm weather.   It also makes all my yorkies shine, and smells great. This is also when I do the anal glands if necessary. (If your dog is scooting his behind along the carpet, or if he keeps licking the anal area, this could be a cause.)  For more information on the anal glands click here. I suggest you do not do this yourself until you have your vet show you how.  You wouldn't want to hurt your pet because you didn't know what you were doing. I prefer to do this while bathing because of the strong odor, and also it is easier to do while they are wet and my fingers slide on the area easier.  I then rinse and use a conditioner. I have a couple of different conditioners that I use, they are the Espree, Coat Handlers, Fresh and Clean, and Pet Silk Conditoner. Some of the conditioners can be diluted and left in, or rinsed out.  I leave it in because it keeps their coats easy to brush and fresh smelling longer.   Work the products through the hair gently, do not scrub as  this will only tangle and matt the dog's hair.   When they are done I wrap them in a towel, do not rub the hair, again this causes it to matt and tangle, and if their nails need to be trimmed this is when they are done.  They can be done before the bath but I find that after bath time the nails are softer and easier to trim.  I never leave my babies to dry by themselves, I use a hair drier set on medium heat on them on the so that there is no chance of them getting chilled and sick.  I use the Coat Handler Sensational Detangler Spray  while I am brushing them out.  If the hair around their feet need trimming this is when I do that..  The hair around the feet is trimmed, and the hair on the legs is brushed down and held close to the leg down by the paw.  I trim the hair completely around the leg just at the top of the paw. Then I spray them with either Fresh and Clean for dogs, or the Coat Handler spray to make them smell clean and nice.

For dogs with a silky type coat I find that the Pet silk products seem to work great.  For my two that have the cottony types it tends to make their coats attract the dirt quicker and tangle more.  I prefer the Coathandler products because they have no oils in them to attract dirt to your pets coat, and the Espree products are all organic. It all depends on what you find works best for you.  If you are interested in trying any of the products I have listed, you can find where to purchase them by visiting the supplies page .

After the bath they are given a treat and a hug,  so that they will learn that bath time can be a good time for them.


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