Brandy, who is our big sister, is quite old for a large dog.  She still tries to play with us when we go outside and chase the birds and other little critters that come into our yard.  There is this little gray guy that comes in and tries to get all the seeds from the bird feeders that mom has in the trees.  Boy can he run fast, and right up the side of a tree too.  We will get him some day though, don't you worry about that.
Then you have this little guy here.  His name is Bratt, and he is the smallest of our brothers.  Everybody chases him around the house, even Mickey and me.  He is also the oldest of the felines that reside here with us.  He has been here for 8 years now.  He's really not bad, just easy to chase and have fun with.
This her fellow is Dyno, he is the one that is always in trouble with both mom, and dad.  Mom said that she never had to have locks on her cupboards for her human children, but once Dyno got here all the cupboards got the child locks put on them.  He would open the doors and get inside and start tearing things apart, or else he wouldn't be able to get back out.  He will be walking around and the next thing you know he just falls down and rolls over like he is dead.  Then if you go by him, he reaches out his paw and slaps you as you pass. 
As usual, Mickey has his chain stuck on something again.  He always runs over things outside that he ends up being caught on.  There is no fence around our yard so mom puts us on long, long little chains.  We never get out without someone watching us, even when Brandy is out with us, mom or dad are always watching out the door or the window until we are ready to come in.  Mom say's there are too many other critters running loose around here, and she is afraid something might happen to us.  Now I know that there is nothing that I can't take care of, but you know how mom's are.
Now isn't this a face that any one would love?  Of course I was just waiting for mom to let me get into her lap and take a nap.  I like to curl up in her lap while she is at the computer.  It is always better to sleep on her than to be laying in my bed all alone, or with just an aold stuffed animal.  That is all well and dandy when there is no one home, but laps are always far better places to be resting.
Now just what is he up to now.  Maybe if I just stand here quietly I can see what he is planning.  If he doesn't know that I am back here I will be able to get whatever he is hiding.  He always thinks that he is being sly by hiding those booda bones and the squeaky toys, but he should know by now that he can't hide anything that I can't find.  Doesn't he realize that he is dealing with me, the Super Miss Minnie.  Some men just never learn.


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