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Most people that are not familiar with yorkies will ask how old a puppy should be when you get it? 

Yorkie puppies, as most other toy dogs, should remain with the mother until at least 12 weeks.  Being so small they can experience shock from being taken from the mother too early.  This can result in a sick pup.  Also the pup learns a lot of social skills from it's mother during this time.

What kind of collar should I use? 

I recommend that you don't use a collar at all, but rather a harness of some kind.  The pulling on the throat from a collar can cause trachea problems.

What about food? 

A good dry food is fine.  I try to find one that is all natural, and without corn.  Corn is one of the ingredients that can cause allergies in dogs.  You also want to try and avoid animal byproducts.  These can be beaks, feet, and even feathers, so look instead for beef meal, or chicken meal.

How often should I feed my dog? 

At least 2 times a day, and if you have a really tiny one, free feeding, if at all possible, or at least 3 times a day.  Toy dogs are known to experience bouts of Hypoglycemia, and making sure they are fed enough can help to prevent this from happening.

What kind of health problems do yorkies have? 

The most common health problems Yorkies can experience  are hypoglycemia, collapsed trachea, liver-shunt, pancreatitis, and Patellar Luxation .

Who should get a yorkie? 

To find out if a yorkie is for you, please click on this link

Where should I look for a yorkie? 

Your best pets will come from reputable breeders.  Ask friends, or go to a dog show and talk to the people that show yorkies.  They may have some pet quality puppies for sale, or they may be able to refer you to a good breeder.  NEVER, NEVER, buy from a pet shop.  Most of the puppies in the pet shops come from Puppymills and the majority end up having health and socialization problems.  A good breeder will not release her puppies until they are at least 12 weeks, and if the puppy happens to be pretty small, they will keep it longer.  You can also check with Yorkie Rescues, there are a lot of yorkies out there that have been rescued for one reason or another and need good homes. 

What is the difference between a teacup and a regular yorkie? 

 Nothing, absolutely nothing.  People who breed to make money, and care little about the animals, will advertise teacup yorkies and charge twice as much for them.  The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America states that there are only yorkies, no teacups and no giants.  No matter if it is 1 1/2 pounds or 16 pounds, it is still just a yorkshire terrier.  The standard for showing a yorkie is 7 pounds or under, but they come in all different sizes, and they are all yorkies.

How hard is it to housetrain a yorkie? 

That will really depend on you and the puppy.  Most yorkie owners say it is very hard to housebreak them, but I have found that most of the time it is because of us.  I had my first yorkie housebroke in a couple of months, but the others have been harder.  Why?  Because a yorkie does not make a BIG mess, just a little puddle or a little tootsie roll, and we don't tend to watch them as close as we do a larger dog.  If you have a Lab that leaves a river, you are going to keep a very close eye on them, but that tiny little yorkie, oh well, it's not much of a spot.  Another thing that makes it harder is because you can't tell if they are squatting or just standing.  My suggestion is to keep them enclosed in a play pen when you can not watch them every second.

 Are yorkies good with children? 

Yorkies can be good with children, but I would not recommend getting a yorkie, or any toy dog, if you have children under 8.  Yorkies are small dogs, and children play rough.  A yorkie can be seriously hurt or even killed by children playing.  If a 30 or 40 pound child falls on a 5 pound yorkie, that yorkie will not survive.  If a child playing with the dog, moves suddenly, or grabs for the dog and gets hold of its leg it can break the dogs bones very easily.  A lot of breeders will not sell a toy dog to a home with small children.  Children do not mean to harm the animal, but accidents do happen.

My yorkies ears are covered in black stuff, what can I do? 

The black coating is referred to as Leather Ear, or Winter Ear, and it is thought to be a fungus.  What I have found useful in clearing it up is washing the ears daily with head and shoulders shampoo and letting it set on the ears for about 5 minutes, then rinsing if off.  Within a few days the black can be peeled off the ear.  Another remedy that is supposed to be good is to use alcohol to wipe the ear down and coat with Lotrimin 1%, doing this daily until the condition is gone.

How often should I bathe my yorkie? 

Yorkies have hair, not fur so they can be bathed every 7 to 14 days.  Wash with a good pet shampoo, and use a pet conditioner with a drop of oil added to help the hair and skin.  Blow dry in cool weather to prevent them from getting cold.



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