Happy Holidays From The Mystic Moon Yorkies

& Family

Please be patient while the applets below load, there are several pictures with the card applets, we believe the final outcome will be worth the wait.  Thank You

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Seeing as we have made sooooo many friends over the internet that we couldn't manage to send Christmas cards to everyone we decided to put them here on our site.  If you don't see one that appeals to you on this page, try going to page 2 We hope that there is at least one that you will like. 

 We, yorkie lovers seem to celebrate Christmas all year round with our little furkids.  Maybe because they bring out the kid in us, and we remember the innocence we had as children, and how we always seemed to be helping our friends.  When someone needs help with their little fur baby, yorkie lovers all over pitch in to help.  We never question why? Only that one of our friends needs help to make her fur baby well again.    What may seem like an unbearable cost to one person, can be helped with just a little bit from many.  So is life with our yorkie comrades. 

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