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Because of the increasing number of breeder listings I get, I have divided the listings into 3 pages.  The links are below to take you to the page with the state listed that you are looking for.



When purchasing a puppy of any breed it is your responsibility to ask questions about their health, and get the seller to give you some kind of contract that guarantees the puppy against any genetic problems or illness, such as luxating patella, liver shunt, heart problems, or anything else that may be inherited.  The contract should state that the breeder will either refund your purchase price, or pay for treatment, or replace the puppy with another.  You should also ask what registry they use, there are a lot of registry's now days that will let you register any dog, whether it is a pure breed or not.  AKC (Americaan Kennel Club), UKC (United Kennel Club), and if you are in Canada CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)) are the top registries for dogs.  CKC (Contental Kennel Club) in the US is not a very good registry, they will register anything if you pay the fee.



If it states that they will replace the puppy, make sure you know if you will have to return the one with the problem.  Some breeders will want the sick or problem pup back before they will replace it, and if this is the case, will you be willing to part with a puppy that you have already fallen in love with.  Some breeders may replace the sick pup after you provide proof from your vet about the problem, and still allow you to keep the sick one because chances are if it is returned they will have it put down.


States A thru G

States H thru N

States O thru Z
and outside the US


I hope that this makes your search a little easier, and that you can find the right breeder, and more important, the right little yorkie baby for you.  Good luck in your search.


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