We have a home on 5 acres in Valparaiso Indiana, which is really nice for our 10 yorkies and 3 cats.  There is plenty of room for them to play and romp.  My husband works in the Steel Mill, and I have a job working in a Mental Health Facilityin the accounting department.  We moved from Illinois, where I was born and raised, back in 1980 to Crown Point, Indiana, and from there to our current home in Valparaiso Indiana.

We got started in yorkies in 1998, after our children were grown and left home.  I had been wanting a yorkie for quite some time, and finally found a couple for sale in our area.  My husband went with me when I went to pick one out.  There happened to be 2 for sale, a female and a male.  They were so small and cute when I seen them that I couldn't make up my mind which one I wanted, finally I settled on the little male.  All my previous dogs had been females, so I thought I would try a male this time.  We left with the tiny little boy, and before we had gone 2 blocks, my husband turned around and said we could go back and get the the little girl too.  So started our venture in yorkies.  Mickey and Minnie, which is what we named them were soft coated yorkies, that we purchased with no papers, which didn't matter in the least to me, as I had no intentions of breeding or showing these precious little dolls.  All I wanted were a couple of pets to love.  

After a couple of years we got another little girl from a friend of mine, which we named Misty, and it so happened that she was beautiful and good enough to show.  I had her evaluated by a person that had been showing yorkies for about 20 years, and so started our show career.  Unfortunately, it wasn't long until we found out that Misty had a Livershunt, which brought her show career to a halt, but we had decided we liked showing and got our selves a little male, Meeko, and another female, Cheyenne to continue on.  We were very fortunate that a couple of people who had been showing decided to help us along, and teach us the ropes, so to speak, about the show circuit.  That was the beginning of Mystic Moon Yorkies.  Both my husband and I show our dogs, but I am more than happy to let him go in the ring with them, and I'll do the grooming and preparation of them.  That way, I don't have to get dressed up too.  We have bred our male and female in the hopes of getting some pups out of our own kennel to show.  Seeing as we are both nearing retirement age, we really started in this kind of late, but as the saying goes, "Better late than Never".

We did end up with our first home bred champion, Ch. Mystic Moon's He's a Rebel, (call name Roudy) from that breeding.  You can see Roudy on his page .

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