"And you? We can close the puppy mills, you know, we really can. The AKC won't do it, and the USDA won't do it. We will. Remember, we're everyone, and we're everywhere, and before long, none of us will buy so much as a single morsel of premium kibble from a pet shop that sells dogs. Peace will come. Let it begin with us."
From Susan Conant's book "Bloodlines"

These next few  pages will give you a little insight on the world of puppymills.  We are strongly opposed to, and will do anything we can to help close them down.  

Puppymills do one thing, and one thing only.  They mass produce puppies for money, and money is their only concern.  To the people who produce the puppies for the pet shops, this living breathing animal is just a crop, no different than wheat or corn.  There is no thought given to the females or the pups other than HOW MUCH THEY CAN MAKE FROM THEM.  The pups are taken from their mothers much earlier than they should be, crated up and shipped hundreds or thousands of miles to pet stores.  Many are dead by the time they arrive and more are sick or almost dead.   The females are then bred again the very next time they come into heat and produce another litter.  These puppy bearing dogs never get out of the cage they produce in.  Some have never had their paws on the ground, or had a kind hand pet or stroke them just because they were cute and soft to touch.  No one ever talked to them with kind words and a soft voice.   Cages are stacked several high on top of each other and there are rows upon rows of them this way.  The next few pages are heartbreaking if you are an animal lover, be warned, the pictures are graphic, and the information is unbelievable.  The sites below also have information and ways that you can help in the ongoing fight to close these places down.  No war has ever been won in a day, but small victories do eventually win the war, and there have been small, what some have referred to as useless victories.  But every victory, no matter how small, frees some of the helpless animals from a life of misery.  Once these animals are taken by the rescue leagues, they are treated by a vet, spayed or neutered, and placed in loving homes.  For every female that is saved from the mill, it means that there are that many less pup's born into the cycle of desperation.

If you love animals, continue through the Puppymill information pages, and visit the sites listed here and on the other pages to see if there is anything you can do to help, and above all, Please, Please, educate your family, friends and anyone else that you know that may be considering buying a puppy from a pet shop.  Help end these horror stories.

This is where this shepherd will live out her life.  Day in and day out this is all the room she will have to move about in.  Would you allow your dog to be confined to an area this size for her entire life?  Next time you look at a German shepherd think about  the space you would want it to have to run and play in.  When you see a puppy in a pet shop, please don't be compelled to purchase it, instead, walk away and help to put an end to this sort of treatment for the animals.  It is the only way to end the puppymills. Smaller dogs are kept in cages that are stacked atop each other with floors of wire so that the urine and droppings of the dogs can go through to the ground.  This means that the animals in the lower cages end up covered in feces and urine for most of their life.  Next time you look at a puppy in a pet shop, picture this, because this is where it comes from.  As long as people keep buying the cute little puppies, these places will exist.
These excerpts were taken from the article that was published in Readers Digest:  Scandal of America�s Puppy Mills
Appalling conditions are yielding unhealthy and hostile pets 

By William Ecenbarger
Puppy mills thrive because the demand for pedigreed dogs has created a highly profitable market for small farmers and for the chain pet stores they supply

The Myth of Pedigree

Driving the whole puppy-mill industry is consumer demand. And part of that demand stems from the notion that the "best" dogs are purebred. 

Says Allen, "For the past half-century, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has driven home the propaganda that a purebred dog is better than a mixed breed. In doing so, it has created a popular demand for pedigreed dogs, and puppy mills have sprung up to supply this demand at the retail level."

A policy statement of the AKC speaks against puppy mills: "We oppose random, large-scale breeding of dogs solely for commercial purposes. The AKC believes the solution is scrupulous enforcement of the federal Animal Welfare Act and state and local regulations governing the humane care of animals."

Yet the AKC takes in hefty revenues from registering animals according to breed. 

"A conflict of interest 

There is a simple solution to the puppy-mill problem:
don't buy your puppy from a pet store. This step is supported by the ASPCA, the Humane Society of the United States, CAPS, and most state and local humane organizations. "Without pet-store sales, dog breeding would not be a lucrative business, and most mills would be forced out of existence," says the ASPCA's George Watford.

How Puppymills began, and what they are.  

Another place you can help with the fight against puppymills  

See what you can do to help  




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